Darna (2003 Comic Mini-series)
Media Format: comics
Year Produced: 2003
Darna Portrayed by: n/A
Produced by: Mango Comics
First Installment: Darna 2003 Issue #1
Last Installment: Darna 2003 Issue #3

In 2003, an award-winning Darna English-language glossy-format miniseries was published by Mango Comics, with major input from Mars Ravelo's family. This version showed Narda as a college student who first found the stone 10 years before. However, the details of Darna's origin was changed again - Her race of "Adarna Warriors" originally came from the planet Tiamat, as did Valentina's, the "Serpent Queens". Their respective peoples had warred for many years. On Tiamat, Darna's race used artificial wings, (reminiscent of the DC Comics Hawkmen and Hawkwomen of Thanagar), while Valentina's race was reminiscent of Nagas as well as Gorgons. Because of the war between the Adarna Warriors and the Serpent Queens, they fled the planet Tiamat and went to the planet Nibiru, also known as Marte.

Here, Darna (both the name and the character) is explicitly linked to the Adarna bird (Ibong Adarna). link title

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