Madame Alicia (Ale) Del Sol is played by Rita Avila


Alicia  is the real mother of Narda. She was close friends with Consuelo. She has a husband named Simon. She and her husband had trouble conceiving. One time, when Alicia was walking at night, the Keeper(Tagapangalaga ng Bato) appeared and gave Alicia a white stone necklace. She told Alicia to give it to her baby when it is born. Then true enough, later on, Alicia's baby was born. When she got the necklace, she saw "Narda" on the necklace. Alicia decided that she will name her baby Narda. Then shortly after her baby was born, Consuelo took Alicia to a cave. Alicia was almost captured and killed by Kobra. But she was found by Dionisio, a crime lord and the father of Shiro. Now known as "Madame Alee", she becomes Shiro's mother-figure. She has a good heart and she wants to find her lost daughter, Narda. She secretly knows Shiro and Dionisio's evil plans. She helps Darna in order for her to escape from deadly trap so that the super heroine may stop Shiro's minions, with the condition that she'll let Shiro go. However, Darna turns him over to the police. Thus Alicia now harbors a grudge against the super heroine. After Shiro dies, Madame Alee's intense anger against Darna grows and she supports Father Mateo's campaign to 'relieve' San Martin from its dependence on Darna. When the Father and the town realizes that Darna is not a nuisance, she eases up on her vocal-ness about her grudge on Darna. She later discovers that it was Consuelo who had taken her daughter. Consuelo leads her to believe she has killed the child. Alee even attempts to have her killed, but later realizes there is no point to it and leaves San Martin.

With a new resolve, she returns to San Martin, but accidentally runs over Serpina. Having found the child-like woman lost and alone, Alee adopts her and introduces her to San Martin as her 'other' daughter. She uses her newfound lease on life to do good in San Martin and runs for mayor. However, because of her past with the Del Sol family, the current mayor disallows her candidacy. After the mayor is killed (unbeknownst to her, at her own daughter Serpina's hands), she proceeds with the candidacy. Alicia gives Narda evidence that she is his real mother. Alicia and Narda are finally met.

In 2010, Alicia will leave the capital to Saint Martin de Manila (Fillipino) in the final chapter of Darna.