Anton is played by Kier Legaspi.

Anton is a small-time crime lord who kidnapped Filipino kids in the city of San Martin, Philippines in the 1980s. He is the one who found Narda after Consuelo had dropped her from the canyon. Anton also had in his 'care' Eduardo and Lola Nena. He would choose who to let out to earn money and give a small commission after, taking the larger earnings. He would put his charges in a jail-like room. Whenever he sees the kids doing things he doesn't approve of, he would hurt them with a rope and lock them in a cage outside from one night. At one point, Lola Nena told the kids to escape from Anton. They did but at the last minute, he grabbed Eduardo and shot Lola with a gun. Eduardo escapes from Anton, but Anton catches them outside. He shoot Narda but her necklace (the stone) protects her from the gunshot. Then, Anton gets arrested by Officer Alfonso and sentenced to life in prison.