Black Darna

Black Darna is played by Katrina Halili

Black Darna is a villain whose powers are an exact duplicate of Darna's. Her identity is also known as Carol, Narda's boss. Before Carol became Black Darna, she has a cruel mind and she made Narda's life a miserable hell. After Black Darna was defeated, she has reverted back to Carol became amiable with Narda.

Black Darna is the result of Darna's cooped up emotions. Before becoming Black Darna, Carol as Narda's boss is also jealous of her. After merging unintentionally with the darker side of the original Darna's essence, Carol later became engulfed in a bizarre cocoon in the middle of the city causing a massive traffic jam. The real Darna encountered the cocoon beforehand and tried to destroy it, but it proved to be indestructible even for her strength, forcing her to just let it be as it was not harming anyone in anyway at that time, and instead proceeded to thwart a nearby occurring hostile takeover. Black Darna was conceived from the said cocoon shortly afterwards. Having all of the original Darna's strengths and abilities, Black Darna was undeniably one of the most formidable adversaries the heroine had to faced; she was also noticeably faster than Darna. Her only weakness is that like Darna herself, draws her powers from the white stone, which was how Darna stopped her, by reverting back to Narda. She is played by Katrina Halili.


This Darna's costume is practically a palette swap of the original's.