Bora was played by IC Mendoza.

Bora was Lutgarda's personal assistant. Lutgarda used her leeches to get inside his brain and make him willing to serve her every whim. Everytime Lutgarda removes her leeches, however, his memories of what he'd done are erased. Whenever Bora is under the influence, he helps Lutgarda find victims. As for when, he's unaffected, he does Lutgarda's makeup, scheduling and looks for new talent to serve as extras, even finding Pancho for Lutgarda, unknowing that he's the spitting image of the man who'd raped her years ago.

When Lutgarda was killed, Bora agreed to an interview with Crisanto, wherein he revealed that he was under the influence of leeches under Lutgarda's control. He later, in a converstion with himself, reveals that because of extended exposure to Lutgarda, he had the power to control leeches as well, which he had planned to use to subdue men. Darna quickly captures him the first time he attempts to control a stranger.