Consuelo is played by talk show host Janice de Belen.


Consuelo (1950-2010) is the mother of Valentina (TV3). Consuelo is the wife of Nestor. Her best friend was Alicia. Seeking to conceive, she followed the advice of a hermit and sought a magical cave (which unbeknownst to her was that of Kobra), as did her best friend, Alicia. Consuelo was brought in to the cave by a mysterious force, while Alicia was nowhere in sight. She later managed to escape but she felt strange. When her baby was born, the baby's hair had snakes. This caused Nestor to leave Consuelo. After they separated, Consuelo found out about Kobra. Kobra told her she can bring her husband back if took Alicia to the cave. After that, she confronted Kobra for fooling her, to which Kobra respons by introducing himself as the father of her child, and in effect her true husband. After that, Consuelo witnessed a snake kill Alicia's husband Simon in a display of protection.

Then, Consuelo threw Alicia's daughter, Narda down the canyon- a fall, which Narda magically survives. In the years that pass, Consuelo shows no love whatsoever for her daughter. Valentina, in her pre-teens, kills Consuelo after Consuelo verbally reiterates to her that she does not love her.

After her death, Kobra seeks out her body and brings her body to his cave in order to revive her, putting her in a stasis pod. She then wakes up and escapes from Kobra. She is now living in the streets of San Martin looking for her daughter, Valentina.