Crisanto is played by Raymart Santiago.


Crisanto is the editor-in-chief of Siklab Publishing Company, a newspaper publishing company in the Philippines. Crisanto has 3 bumbling assistants named Francesca, Jericho and Tomas. He also hired a photojournalist named Gabriel. Crisanto's main goal is to scoop on Darna and investigate the history and the true identity of Darna. One time, he created a fake "crime" so he can get Darna's picture. That was un-sucessful. Crisanto finally took pictures of Darna when he rescued Carding from the evil Impy. Crisanto's current goal is to investigate investigate the history and the true identity of Darna. He has then since acted out of the sole cameraman and interviewer for the company her runs. But still, Crisanto wants more. So Crisanto listened to the Conversation of his workers Francesca and Gabriel. Then, Crisanto forced Francesca to say the truth about Roma. Then, Crisanto got his best news ever. Then, Gabriel came to Crisanto angry at him. Then, Gabriel and Crisanto have a falling out and Gabriel resigned from Siklab.