Darna (2009 TV Series)
Season 1, Episode 62
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Darna intercepts Flora Venom's attempt to capture Ding

Darna: (Smiling, ready to beat Venom up to a flowery pulp) "Ako ba ang hinahanap mo? (Translation: Looking for me?)

Venom: (realizing that she's no match against the superheroine) "Oh no..." (backs away slowly as she spoke)

Darna drew back her right arm (jutting her lower lip upwards while doing so) as she crouches slightly to the ground and swings an upper body over-hand blow that sent Venom staggering. She catches her balance, grabbing her head with both hands (with her fingers on the temples)

Darna: (walking over to Venoma, with a menacing expression) "Nasaan si Lucifera?" (Translation: Where's Lucifera?)

Venom: (with her left hand on the left side of her jaw - the jaw Darna just smacked with her fist, she answers with a defiant tone while still backing away) "Bakit? May appointment ka ba sa kanya?" (Translation: Why? Do you have an appointment?)

Darna: (Infuriated by Venom's defiance) "Ah gano'n a?" (raising her eyebrows and nodding at Venom's reply, right before scrunching her face into a sour expression at Venom's lack of cooperation)

Darna balls her hands into fists as she drew her arm back to repeat her earlier attack on Venom, only this time Darna crouches lower for a stronger hit. But whether the blow was strong or not we did not get to witness. For Venom suddenly ducked, revealing Flora Carnivora to be behind her just as Darna was in mid-swing

Carnivora: (with one hand in front of his face, ready to dose Darna with his hypnotic aroma)  "Surprise!"

Darna with her punching arm still in mid-swing, she was caught off-guard at seeing Carnivora, causing her to lower her arm. Carnivora blows forth his hypnotic spores, flying towards Darna's mouth. It seemingly took effect, causing to Darna to just stand there with a blank look on her face. Doing nothing and completely oblivious to her surroundings - like an idiot she is for falling into this kind of pathetic trap  )