Darna (2009 TV Series)
Season 1, Episode 76
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Darna: (comes back with a hollow pipe in her left hand, landing next to Linta, smiling) "Masyado mo naman yata akong na-miss"(Translation: Did you miss me, already?)

Lutgarda: (staring a the pipe) "Ano yang hawak mo?"(Translation: What's that you're holding?)

Darna: (more seriously) "Hindi ba linta ka na mahilig sumipsip? Pwes, ipararanas ko sa iyo ang lakas nang paghigop ko!" (Translation: Aren't you a leech who likes to sip? Then I'll show the power of my respiration! )

Darna puts one end of the pipe over her mouth, with the other end pointed at Lutgarda's direction, and then starts sucking all the air in. With the air in front of Darna being vaccuumed into the pipe, Lutgarda ends up being puleld as well, leading to her nose getting stuck through the pipe

Darna: (comes over to Lutgarda after she sent the villainess flying into an eatery) "Ang akala ko mahirap kang talunin (as Lutgarda stands back up again), yun pala wala kang binatbat!"(Translation: I thought you'd be difficult to beat, but your not even close!)

Lutgarda: (after pulling herself together) "Nakaka-bilib ka, Darna... Hanga ako sa iyo! Pati mga linta ko fans mo! Heto gusto ngang magpa-autograph o!"(Translation: I'm impressed, Darna. Very impressed indeed! Even my leeches are your fans! Look, they want your autograph right now!)

Lutgarda vomits forth a hoard of her leeches from her mouth, engulfing Darna and immediately sticking on to her bare skin. She gets overwhelmed, causing her to drop to her knees

Darna: (with leeches crawling all around) "Ahh!"

Lutgarda: "Darna."

Darna raises her head

Lutgarda: (smiling, as she looks down at Darna) "Success!"

Darna's eyes turn black as Lutgarda is granted control over her

Lutgarda: (Translation: Stand up, Darna.)

Darna obeys

Lutgarda: (Translation: Face me.)

Darna turns to face Lutgarda

Lutgarda: (Translation: Where is your arrogance now? You are weak, now especially when I start sipping your power. My strength will be doubled.)