Darna (2009 TV Series)
Season 1, Episode 83
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Darna flying with her right hand holding Lutgarda's left elbow, flying the villainess with herself

Lutgarda: "Mapapasa-akin did ang kapangyarihan mo!" (Translation: Your power shall be mine in the end!)

Darna: (Jerking her head upward as she replied) "Ah, gano'n?" (Translation: Is that so?)

Using her other hand, Darna stretches Lutgarda's nose, then lets it snap back followed with a punch. Lutgarda drops to a half-finished building where she gets impaled by several sharp metal bars jutting from the floor

Darna: "Salamat at may kasama na ako sa pagpapanatili nang kapayapaan dito sa San Martin" (Translation: Thank you, now that I know there is someone else working the peace here at San Martin besides me)

Black Rider nods, then turns to leave

Darna: (calling out to him) Sandali lang! (Wait!)

We see BR going around his bike. Then back to Darna

Darna: Ano'ng pngalan mo?(Translation: What's your name?)

Black Rider: (mounting on the vehicle) "Kung sasabihin mo ang totoo mong pagkatao, sasabihin ko sa iyo ang akin" (If you will reveal your true identity, then I shall divulge mine)

Awkward silence, Darna just stands there. Then smiles

Black Rider: "Kung ganoon, sapat na sa akin ang tawagin mo akong Black Rider" (starts his engine) (Translation: If so, it is enough for me to be called Black Rider)

Darna maintains her smile, and Black Rider rides past her. She turns her head as her eyes follow him on the road, and the gold-yellow lace cloth between her legs fluttered once from the gust generated by the bike's acceleration. She shifts her stance slightly then blinks several times, wondering who this new vigilante is