Dr. Morgan's Laboratory is a science laboratory in San Martin, Philippines owned by the famous scientist named Dr. Morgan. The laboratory does research about creatures, space, and the superhero Darna. There goal is to cause chaos in the country. In 2009, Dr. Morgan found four icebergs with creatures inside. They where Babaeng Linta, Roma, Lucifera and Armida. The laboratory heat the icebergs up and they where freed. The creature caused chaos in San Martin. The laboratory was also responsible for testing Darna's blood and finding out that Darna is a human. Then, the laboratory caught Impy and Roma. Dr. Morgan made an agreement with Impy and Dr. Morgan discovered that Roma is pregnant. Then, Roma's baby was born. Then, Roma hears Dr. Morgan talking to Apollo. Dr. Morgan said to Apollo that he will use Roma, Impy and Roma's baby for his scientific experiments. Then, Roma, Impy and the baby escaped from the laboratory. Then, the laboratory did an experiment. The experiment's goal was to change small things to giant size. They used a frog for the experiment. The experiment was successful but the giant frog caused chaos in San Martin.

Equipment and facilitiesEdit

  • Containment chamber
  • Gurney/ hospital bed
  • Medical monitor
  • Electric microscope
  • Laboratory apparatus (test tubes, swab tubes, vacutainer tubes, flasks, centrifuge tubes, syringe, flasks, etc.)
  • Specimen bottles
  • Refrigerator
  • Biological safety cabinets
  • Gas cylinders

Staff MembersEdit

  • Dr. Morgan - The president of the laboratory who wants to find all the scientific information in the world
  • Apollo - The loyal and head assistant of Dr. Morgan. He's the one who found Darna's blood.

Note: There are also several scientists present in the laboratory when the icebergs containing the villains are being heated up. However, they are strangled to death by Babaeng Linta during that time.

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