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Electra is played by Regine Velasquez in Book 2 of Darna (2009 TV Series).

Electra is the leader of a delegation from Planet Venusa. After the Helga (TV3) onslaught of demons that attacked San Martin, her ship arrived on Earth. She absorbs the linguistics of one of a town 'bakla' and begins to win over the people by appearing amiable. She attempts to learn the ways of the people through Crisanto and the other reporters at Siklab Publishing. She also learns of the superhero Darna, and as such, realizes that one of the best ways to win the heart of the people, is by being their hero. She proceeds to follow Crisanto's crew to a hostage situation that involves Madame Alee and makes light work of it. With Darna late to arrive, Electra takes the spotlight.

However, Electra has a second mission, one that wil pit her against Crisanto, Pancho, and eventually, Darna herself. She uses her minions, the Planet Women, to battle Darna. But Elektra shows up and she holds Pancho and Crisanto as hostages. After the battle, however, her minions turn on Elektra and they throw her off along with Crisanto. She faces Darna again but later defeated by her and sent to jail. Darna must acquire more water for the thirsty citizens of San Martin. Elektra sees Darna's heroic act which eventually turn into an ally. Elektra helps Darna to beat off the Planet Women and rescues Pancho. After beating off the Planet Women, Darna and Pancho tells the male minions that their leader repents and she begs forgiveness to her minions. Elektra gives thanks to Darna and bids farewell to her, Pancho and Crisanto. As they sends back to her home planet, she pours out more rain on citizens of San Martin just like what Darna did.


Electra's native language sounds somewhat like a classical middle-eastern singsong voice.

Having absorbed the lingustic behavior of a gay man, Electra talks like one, with a mix of Filipino, English, and some local gay lingo peppered with idioms, humorous one liners and the occasional insult.

Powers and Ablilities[]

Electra is stronger than an avragew humans and stronger compared to other people of ''Venusa'' has the power of flight, the ability to absorb the language of others (by tapping electrical synapses on their heads) and the power of telekinesis aided by sonic waves produced by her voice.