Flora Venom

She is portrayed by Alyssa Alano in Darna (2009 TV series)

Flora Venom is first seen with her brother complaning in the forest after being mistreated by a bunch of men. While they are talking Lucifera grabs both of them and puts them in buds to turn them into members of her own kind. While her brother is turned into Flora Carnivora she becomes Flora Venom and uses her buds and spores to control people and have them do her bidding. During Lucifera's initial assault, she and Carnivora laughed sadistically at Darna's attempt to defeat the tree-woman, who possessed the power of invulnerability that rendered her protection from the heroines continous punches. Fed up with their antics, Darna resorted into lifting Lucifera's underlings and tossed them away from the battlefield, then does the same to Lucifera herself, winning the battle. Later, after Darna managed to defeat Lucifera a second time, leading to her regaining her power of invulnerability, Venom and Carnivora struck out on their own, as they were under the belief that their creator, Lucifera, has finally kicked the bucket. In reality, Lucifera's defeat led to her regressing back into human form, as Lucifera. When the three reunited at last, Lucifera realizes that mass amounts of human blood can bring her back to her former self, so she delegates Venom and Carnivora the task of creating havoc that would lead people in chaos, and eventually swimming in their own blood. Venom eventually finds Eduardo, who was on a date with Narda at the time. Venom was about to drain Eduardo's life-force when Narda, as Darna suddenly arrived. Venom regars the superheroines arrival, and Darna confirms this, followed by a right haymaker punch that sent Venom flying. She was later seen rushing to Carnivora's side and caressing a blacked eye courtesy of the punch that she received from Darna earlier. The two attempt to double-team Darna, but the heroine disables the two by plucking out the many flowers on their bodies, compromising their respiration, and felling them both. She was killed by Darna in her final battle between Lucifera and her minions, just before Lucifera joined up with Armida.

Venoma is a meticulous woman with very girlish tendencies.