Inoy is played by Kevin Santos

Inoy is Aleli's boyfriend who is frequently seen taking part of the other caretakers' tasks inside the orphanage Hospicio De San Martin. His roles seem to be miscellaneous, going from escorting the elderly members of the institution, to assisting Narda and Aleli with their chores. Somewhat feisty, he has been known to sneak into Aleli's room late at night from time to time. He was later used as an escape goat by Xandro, who framed him as the wandering serial rapist in an attempt to throw off both Darna and the cops from his trail. The plan worked, and Inoy took the blame. Fourtunately, for Inoy, Xandro's bestial instincts appeared again, and went back to his killing spree. This regression proved Inoy's innocence and was subsequently freed