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Komiks Presents: Varga
Komiks Presents: Mars Ravelo's Varga
Media Format: series
Year Produced: 2008
Darna Portrayed by: Mariel Rodriguez (as Varga)
Produced by: ABS-CBN
First Installment: Varga Episode 1
Last Installment: Varga Episode 13

Varga is a fantasy series of ABS-CBN adapted from the creation of Mars Ravelo. It's the second intallment of the anthology "Komiks Presents". [1]


Mars Ravelo created the character in 1947, when he was still working in Bulaklak Magazine. He created the character in realization that Filipinos were in need of a superhero, after the World War II. But, Ravelo left the magazine two years later. He had to leave the character behind. Afterwards, he joined Pilipino Komiks in 1949, then he decided to reconstrunct the character, turning Varga to Darna.[2]


Varga is an alien princess who finds herself drawn to planet Earth. Gifted with beauty, superpowers and a voluptuous body, she meets and hooks up with a kiddie earthling and together they try to take on the bad guys and save the world.[3]


Princess Vara is a powerful beings from outer space: Planet Vargon lands on Earth through with her destined is willing to protect mankind from the forces of evil to help from a kindhearted earthling girl named Olga as Varga is an alien superheroine to save the world in secret gifted with superpowers to beat up the villains & villainesses to continued their journey together to fight the bad guys.

The violet-colored superheroine named Vara (Ghost) merges with a human kid named Olga are connected on the journey together to become real superheroine named Varga will face their enemy, Xandra is actually a magnificently ladylike 21 years old at the real age of 80 years old to looking for a fountain of youth transformations.

No one can see Vara but only Olga can see her. They both scream & touch each other's body will be united into one body with Varga being visible & Olga hidden inside of Varga. As only use a mirror can Varga sees Olga when they are united.


Cast Character Summary
Mariel Rodriguez Vara/Varga A princess from Planet Vargon. She landed on Earth when her planet exploded. She met Olga who has the a deep connection to her. Only Olga can see her. Together with Olga they will save the world from the evil Xandra.
Angel Sy Olga An earthling who will help Princess Vara/Varga to fight evils and discover her inner strength and elements to became a real superheroine.
Sheryl Cruz Xandra The 80 year old, 21 year old ladylike villainess. A woman once scorned by the love of the man who rejected her for a younger soulmate, she's looking for the "fountain of youth" but currently subsists on a special process that enables her to stay young by draining the youth of others. She'll do anything to find the "fountain of youth", that will keep her stay young. Xandra is James' sister but she's actually James' Grandmother!
Zanjoe Marudo James A playboy model for her sister perfume line. James is completely different from his sister; Xandra. He fell in love with Vara/Varga. James finds out his sister, Xandra is actually his Grandma.

Supporting Cast[]

Cast Character Summary
Dominic Ochoa Andres He is Olga's father. Andres was accused of stealing. In the event of trying to hide from the authorities, Andres will find himself in a creepy laboratory.
Dexter Doria Tita Perla Olga's aunt. Perla is a business minded. She specializes an illegal gambling in her house. In spite of the treatment she gives to Olga, she still sees family above money
Johanna "Kiray" Celis Cherry Lou A rich teen beauty queen in her town. She and her nanny pay the beauty contest judges in exchange of winning the contest.
Roldan Aquino Mang Toning A guy is working along with Olga's father as a co-worker in the construction site. He will serve as Olga's surrogate father after her biological one perishes
Jojit Lorenzo Bogard Xandra personal and laboratory assistant to make her (Xandra) felling young despite old age
Hyubs Azarcon Inspt. Peter San Jose The said policeman to investigate the natural death of Olga's Father.
Paul Salas Brian Olga's friend and brother of Cherry Lou
Pretty Trishia Candy James' personal, handler and talent manager
Marnie Lapus Yaya Precy Cherry Lou's Yaya
John Prats Tiny Tony Seen in the finale of Varga


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