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List of characters by subject[]

Here are the list of characters on Darna (2009 TV series) by subject as seen in the credits at the end of each episode.

Main Cast[]

People that live in Hospicio De San Martin[]

Staff members of Siklab Publishing Company[]

Staff members of Father Mateo's Church[]

Eduardo's family members and friends[]

Narda's family[]

(All guest cast)

  • Jestoni Alacron as Simon
  • Rita Avila as Alicia
  • Angeli Nicole Sanoy as Young Narda

Valentina's family[]

(All guest cast)

  • Janice de Belen as Consuelo
  • John Apacible as Nestor
  • Sweet Ramos as Young Valentina

The terrorists[]

Darna's Adviser[]

The Main Villains[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Kier Legaspi as Anton
  • Odette Khan as Lola Nena
  • Ian de Leon as Alfonso
  • Kevin Santos as Aleli's Boyfriend
  • Vangie Labalan as Impong Denang
  • Ernie Zarate as Kura-Parako