Loleng is one of the caretakers of the orphanage Hospicio De San Martin. She is played by Ms. Caridad Sanchez. She is the nice assistant of Ms. Perfecta. Before she worked at the orphanage, she lived near the sea with her husband. But a small tsunami killed her husband and Ms. Perfecta took her to the orphanage where she currently works at. It is revealed to the viewers that she is the mother of Consuelo and grandmother of Valentina. When she works at the orphanage, she gives lots of good advice to Narda. Then, one day, Loleng tells Narda they must go to a cave to find her daughter Consuelo. Then, Loleng was grabbed by Kobra. Kobra lets go of her but he grabs Narda. Then, Kobara lets go of Narda and they both leave. Then, Loleng and Narda went o Consuelo's friend's house. The friend said that she has no idea where Consuelo is.