Angel Locsin as Narda

Narda is portrayed by Angel Locsin in Darna (2005 TV Series).

Narda is the alter-ego of Darna.

Once thought of as the daughter of totoy and Ising, Narda is really the biological daughter of Mulong's Half-Sister, Prospera and her true love - Rafael. When Prospera was pregnant with Narda she discovered a space craft that had crashed on her land one fateful evening. As she approached the craft, a dying alien being (an Anomalkan) emerged and transferred its alien seed into the already pregnant Prospera.

The alien fled to Earth in the hope of escaping the massacre of infants that Braguda had ordered on the Planet Marte. Braguda's rampage was in response to a prophecy that predicted her death one day at the hands of a fellow Anomalkan. To try to avoid her fate, Braguda ordered the killing of all Anomalkan infants that could oppose her one day. But one Anomalkan managed to escape the planet Marte and in doing so crash landed to Earth

To help bring about the fulfillment of the prophecy, the fugitive Anomalkan impregnated the earth female Prospera in the hopes that the blending of their species would create a new breed of Anomalkan strong and reliant enough to survive in Earth's environment.

After being impregnated, Prospera now carried 2 babies, one completely human (a product of her relationship with Rafael) and the other - a monstrous Anomalkan humanoid.

When Prospera gave birth, she discovered her human child to be perfectly normal and horrified at her alien one. Prospera carried her alien child to the spaceship in the hopes of killing it there but when the child suddenly shapeshifted to resemble a normal child, Prospera took it back home.

When she returned, her normal baby had disappeared (who unknown to her was stolen by Mulong when his wife's own baby died in birth). Prospera who planned to name her human child "Valentina" now gave this name to her alien baby.

Mulong named the baby he stole "Narda" after the true Baby Narda who had died. Narda discovered her true origins after defeating Braguda and the Anomalkans.